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More than 18 years of experience

Maritime and Commercial


Our Expertise

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Matters related to Arbitration and Conciliation across Indian Courts and foreign jurisdictions including LMAA, SCMA and ICC. 

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Arrests & Release

Our advocates have been involved in Ship Arrests and Releases in both Domestic and International jurisdictions arising out of maritime claims.

Bunker Claims

Matters related to Bunker Supply, Sale and Purchase of Bunker, underpayment /nonpayment of bunker supplies, and other concerning matters. 

Cargo Claims

Disputes arising out of the carriage of cargo including cargo damage, laytime, demurrage, contractual breaches against the Carrier.

Charterparty Disputes

Disputes arising out of non-performance or breach of Charterparties, drafting and settling of Charterparties, and other related matters. 

Commercial Litigation

We appear for clients before forums such as NCLT, NCLAT, CDRC over commercial domestic matters.

P&I Insurance

We advise P&I Clubs, Ship owners on matters related to Insurance and Reinsurance of Vessels. 

Dry & Wet Shipping

We have expertise over cases relating to shipping and offshore activities in the civil and criminal courts,

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Ship Sale and Purchase

The firm also deals with transactional matters related to the Sale and Purchase of Vessels, not limited to domestic jurisdictions. 

Salvage Claims

Our expert accounting guidance enabled Targo to grow their current business specialty and maximize profits. Call us and see how we can do the same for you.



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